Debbie Bowen
Massage Therapist
Licensed Counselor


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I am Debbie Bowen, a licensed professional counselor in Abilene, Texas. Counseling is a process that helps people become more aware of their needs, desires, and fears. When people gain these insights, they stop making the same mistakes and participating in the same relationship patterns that have been ineffective, destructive, or unproductive. Counseling helps people make different choices to enrich their lives. I strive to create an atmosphere for this process that is confidential and supportive. Some people are reluctant to participate in the counseling process because they feel something is wrong with them. Even the most high-functioning people sometimes face difficult times. It helps to speak to a counselor when you are struggling with problems or experiencing strong emotions. There is no one-size-fits-all in counseling, but together we can make a plan that best suits your needs.

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Mind Body Spirit

Healing Involves Mind – Body – Spirit

I treat clients from a perspective of holistic healing.

Holistic healing is a belief in a cooperative relationship between the physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual aspects of health. While my focus with clients is on their mental health, the underlying philosophy of my practice incorporates other areas of their life which can impact how they feel. I enjoy practicing my services as both a physical healer through therapeutic massage as well as a mental/emotional healer through counseling.

I offer my services within the context of a more full-service healing center, Sage Yoga Center. I opened the center in February 2012, and chose the name of "Sage" because the leaf symbolizes good health.