Marital Problems

Marital problems can manifest themselves in different ways. Some couple fight constantly, while other silently seethe. Sometimes a person doesn’t even realize there are problems until an extra-marital affair arises. If you are in a relationship and feel stuck, marriage counseling may help you learn new tools and perspectives to move forward.

Problems may start off as differences in parenting styles, conflicts between careers, issues with inlaws, infidelity, or unmet needs by one or both partners. Most couples do not seek counseling until problems in their relationships become serious. Unfortunately, the longer the problem persists, the smaller the chances that marriage counseling will work.

In the early sessions, I will ask you about a number of things: such as your relationship problems, their nature and causes, as well as the history of your relationship. I ask questions so that I can understand your full situation, and determine the best counseling plan for you – as no two couples are alike.

As a professional couples counselor, I have specialized training in various relationship skills to help properly address relationship issues. Not every marriage can be saved by counseling, but many can be. Many clients who come in feeling hopeless and ready to give up can discover new ways of understanding one another and communicating. If you are experiencing marital issues, I encourage you to seek counseling, as this is often the most important first step in improving your marriage.